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6 Tips To Take Control of Your Career

#1 Never Stop Learning

Don’t get stuck with what you’re already an expert on. Continue learning new skills and keep up with industry trends. If you have a premium account with LinkedIn you have access to several online courses which you can receive a certification for and it will be displayed on your profile. There are so many free online resources available for all areas! I would also like to invite you to watch a great weekly Zoom session with my man, JR Ridinger who also happens to be the Chairman and CEO of Market America | SHOP.COM every Wednesday night! For more info follow him here.

#2 Create A Space You Love

I need to feel confident and comfortable in whatever space I create in. Now that many professionals are working from home it’s the perfect excuse to create a distraction-free space. The biggest mistake I see people do is purchase office furniture that’s trendy but not functional. Trust me, I love a trendy office chair but let’s be real…buy something you want to sit in for 8+ hours. 

#3 Always Be Resume Ready

Unfortunately so many companies have been forced to furlough most of their workforce during this time. Don’t assume you’re safe even if you think you are the rockstar of the team. Always have your resume ready for the next opportunity and your LinkedIn profile in check. Etsy and Canva have so many resume templates if you want to start from scratch.

#4 Clean Up Your Social Footprint 

You’ve heard this one before! I suggest asking a friend or colleague to review all of your social accounts to give an honest assessment. You may want to consider archiving your photo albums from back when you were in college and deleting tweets you wouldn’t be proud of today. Deleting your old content doesn’t mean it can never be found again on the internet but it’s worth a shot.

#5 Connect with Like-Minded Professionals

I love connecting with people inside and outside of my circle on LinkedIn! You never know what you can learn from other professionals working in different industries. Click here if you want to connect with me on LinkedIn!

#6 Build A Strong Foundation For Your Future

I’m sure you’ve heard me rave about Market America and SHOP.COM. If you’re looking to take complete control of your career and financial plan I highly suggest you look into becoming an UnFranchise Owner.


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