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5 Productivity Mistakes You’re Making Every Morning


Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur? Of course, you do! None of us get into business hoping to fail. But did you know there are some productivity mistakes you could be making every morning that secures a massive difference to your business? I’ve got the scoop on the best productivity do’s and don’ts below.

5 Productivity Mistakes You’re Making Every Morning


1. Don’t: Drink Coffee Between 8 A.M. and 10 A.M.

This time is when your body is naturally peaking in cortisol (the stress hormone), so adding coffee into the mix will only increase your stress levels. Aim for your first cup of joe between 10 a.m. and noon when your cortisol levels are lower.

2. Don’t: Start Your Day Thinking of Everything You Need to Accomplish

Make a list before you get your day started, so your brain is empty and ready to focus on attacking the items on the to-do list. If you find yourself getting distracted throughout the day, jot ideas or notes down in a notebook and return to them later.

3. Don’t: Go Straight into Meetings

We spend an average of 23 hours per week in meetings. Make sure to block off an hour or two every morning, so after you empty your head and prepare your to-do list, you can get some work done.

4. Don’t: Keep Your Deadlines to Yourself

The Association for Psychological Science conducted a study that found we need to share our deadlines for them to be effective. To accomplish this, use a tool like or IDoneThis to share your to-do list and progress with your team.

5. Don’t: Start Several Tasks at Once

If you haven’t heard by now, multitasking is impossible, and attempting to do it is counter-productive. Prioritize your to-do list in order of what must get done by the end of the day, versus what can roll over to the next day, and then start checking things off from there. Another tip is to focus on one task for 40 minutes, and then answer emails or work on ad hoc tasks for 20 minutes.

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