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4 Powerful Public Speaking Hacks

public speaking hacks

Public speaking can be nerve-wracking. I do it a lot, so I’m confident when I walk out on the stage, but I still get a little nervous some days. Read on to discover my top four public speaking hacks to slay your stage speech.

4 Powerful Public Speaking Hacks
1. Create a mood.

Find a pre-stage ritual that works for you to set the right tone and launch a positive, confident state of mind. I repeat some of my favorite morning affirmations to get me in the zone.

2. Take your time.

When you walk out on stage, take a moment to gauge the vibe of the crowd and thank them for welcoming you so warmly. Take a deep breath, then begin your speech.

3. Slow down.

Nerves have a habit of increasing our usual speaking tempo, so be mindful of slowing down so that you give yourself thinking space. Speaking more slowly helps avoid mistakes, and provides the audience with time to soak up your message.

4. Make eye contact.

Engage your audience by making eye contact with them so that they feel a connection to you and your words.

Do you have any public speaking hacks to share? Tweet me your top tips @lorenridinger.


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