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3 Reason Why You Should Become A Beauty Advisor

Motives Cosmetics and Lumiere de Vie are defined by our amazing community. By those who align themselves with the purpose and mission of helping people find their unique beauty. They believe in empowering others to shine, despite society pressures and inner struggles. Our Beauty Advisors are the heart behind our brands. I would love for you to join our community!

Here are the three reasons why you should say YES to your new dream job as a Beauty Advisor:

  1. EDUCATION AND TRAINING – With our affordable training system, training courses, and business coaching, you’ll be set to build your own success story. You won’t be able to find a curriculum like ours in this industry. It’s a perfect blend of enhancing business structure, initiatives to drive in clients, relationship building, science-based products with clinical studies and overall ultimate exclusivity! 
  2. CUSTOMIZABLE FOUNDATIONS UNRIVALED ANYWHERE IN THE INDUSTRY – We provide an opportunity to offer exclusive products, foster customer loyalty, and reap substantial profit. This includes modifiers and enhancers that allow you to further customize the foundation and target specific concerns. AKA: cosmetics that complement every skin tone!
  3. PRESS AND MEDIA EXPOSURE – Our brands have a loyal celebrity following! Through magazines and websites, our brands are exposed to over 90 million consumers worldwide. You will have the ability to connect with people from all around the world with the ultimate goal of reaching our followers and making a positive impact.

Here’s a direct quote from one of our Beauty Advisors:

Question: What are your three reasons to why someone should become a Beauty Advisor?

Answer: “For me personally – The time freedom. We have a proven system to help you achieve your goals and income you desire. You can build it in your free time and fit it in with what you’re already doing. I also love having my own e-commerce enabled websites so that I can offer exclusive products not found anywhere else to my clients. It allows me to truly be a solutionist because we have amazing products that work. When you love products, you share them so it’s nice to get compensated for doing so. We have an amazing community of people that want to help each other succeed. You also have mentors to teach you how and what to do.”

Leigh Raeder

Beauty Advisor & Motives Field Consultant

If you are interested in learning more, visit our join tab on If you are currently working with someone, connect with them. They can match you to the one of the many different partnership options that fits best with what you’re looking for. Comment below if you have any questions! 


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