Change Your Mindset to Make Money

Change Your Mindset to Make Money, make money, forgive, money, positive money

Do you feel shame or fear around money? You're not alone. So many people these days are focusing on lack rather than abundance. If you've got a negative money mindset, that's not the way to go. JR and I are always talking about positivity and that relates to money as well! Change your mindset in order to start making money! I want us all to be financially literate and that starts with the way you think.

Forgive Your Mistakes- So you've made some financial mistakes in the past. Hey! That's okay. We all have. A big part of having a positive money mindset is letting go of those past mistakes. Your self-worth is not attached to your mistakes. Your money mistakes are not you. It's important to remember that before moving on.

Money Attitude- What's your attitude toward money? You may think you already have positive feelings about money but that may not be the case. Try to track your thoughts and feelings when spending money. Are you anxious every time you hand over your credit card or are relaxed knowing that more money is on the way? You have set beliefs about money whether you know it or not.

Positive Money Attitude- Now, change your attitude! Focus on the money coming in and tell yourself positive money affirmations. Read books on making money and maintain healthy money habits. Check your bank account on the daily and give thanks! If there's money in your bank account you're so lucky! Remember that.