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Career Advice: How to Leave Your Job Gracefully

career advice

When it comes to the job market, opportunities can be very scarce. So, before deciding to leave your current role for good you need to think about your exit strategy. There is nothing wrong with parting ways with your employer for a better position; however, there is something wrong with leaving your current job on the wrong note. With everyone looking to maintain job security, keeping positive professional relationships are the only way to stay ahead of the game. Check out a few tips to leave your position gracefully and maintain the respect of your employer.

Career Advice: How to Leave Your Job Gracefully

career advice

#1. Make sure you sign and finalize the appropriate paperwork. When entering a new role, your employer will request for you to fill out new hire paperwork. Don’t be the person that is so excited about the new position you quit your current job before crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s with your future employer.

#2. Draft a resignation letter. The way I view resignation letters is to thank your current employer for the job opportunity. Keep it short and sweet, but substantial enough so your boss can feel your gratitude. Be sure to include the date of your last day on your job to properly notify your employer.

#3. Make a plan formulating suggestions on how to transfer your job responsibilities. One of the worst things to do is to leave unfinished work with your employer. It gives the impression that you don’t care about the job anymore and it can leave a bad taste in your boss’s mouth. Create a list of recommendations that you believe will be feasible to implement until they fill your position.

#4. Always be ready for the unexpected. Your boss may not want to let you go. I mean, when you’re a great worker it’s expected. Don’t be surprised if your boss makes a counteroffer. This does not happen a lot, but you should keep in mind your reasons for leaving. You don’t want to get caught off guard or worse stuck at a crossroads.

#5. Conduct a clean exit interview. Upon leaving your employer, it is standard to complete an exit interview. It is best to give constructive and informative feedback.


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