What It Takes to Be A Strong Woman in Business


Being a woman in business has given me incredible opportunities to cross paths with other impressive businesswomen. And from time to time, I meet women whose resolve to be a success in the business world really blows me away. Being a strong woman in business doesn’t come easy to everyone; in fact there are certain qualities that have to be embraced in order to achieve what you’re after. But when you can dig deep and find the confidence, being a woman in business can have tremendous results. Here’s a look at what I think it takes to go head-to-head with the rest of the business world.


What it Takes to Be A Strong Woman in Business

  1. Ambition. It goes without saying that people who find success in business are ambitious, but as a woman in business, you have to set your mind on a goal and be willing to do what it takes to go after it.
  2. Open mind. When you arrive on the business scene, you can’t and won’t know it all – keep your mind open to learning new things.
  3. Confidence. The business world is overflowing with some of the most confident people on this planet – and if you’re going to be one of them you have to believe in yourself.
  4. Innovative. To compete in business, you have to think ahead of the competition. Innovative business, products and marketing will set you apart.
  5. Collaborative. The biggest thing – you can’t do it all alone. Play off your strengths and weaknesses by building a team that fills in the gaps and covers all the bases.

Being a strong woman in business doesn’t mean you have to be ruthless, but it does mean that you have to put your head down and work pretty hard. How do you handle the competitive business world?

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