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6 Basic Sales Mistakes You Should Avoid

Do you work in sales or are you trying to establish a career in sales? Starting in sales can be a pretty tough road – it takes technique and a bit of finesse to win over your customers and seal the deal. Here’s a great list of basic sales mistakes you should avoid – follow these simple guidelines and you will gain the edge you need to get ahead!

6 Basic Sales Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • Preemptively explaining questions or objections your customer may not have. It’s definitely a great idea to anticipate customer questions, but you should not be the one to surface these doubts and objections.
  • Forgetting to listen. Listening to your customer is number one.
  • Selling the features rather than the results of the product. Consumers want to know exactly what your product will do for them – as in final result.
  • Sucking up to your customer. Being personable is very important, but taking it over the top can be a huge turnoff to a customer.
  • Leaving it up to the customer to determine the next step. It’s your role as the salesperson is to do the work – meaning follow-up and take the next step!
  • Not following through. There is nothing worse than having a potential opportunity and failing to follow through. If you see a chance – run with it!

Have you tried a career in sales? What are your tricks for getting the job done?



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