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Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Read This

What is being an “entrepreneur”? It starts with doing what others won’t do in order to achieve your goals. Sit with that for just a second. Are you willing to put in the work to stand out from the rest?

Entrepreneurship has been glamorized throughout the years because we often times hear about the incredible stories of people’s success’ but something not often highlighted, is the hard work being done behind the scenes. There are many out there saying they are an entrepreneur, and then there are many out there being one. Let your work do the talking.

You can expect it to be tough at times. You can expect the journey to pull you in a million directions, but you must stay focused. What is your why? I talk about this often because my family has always served as my number 1 motivation. Knowing that everything I do is for them, drives me.

Find your people & believe in yourself

I always say I don’t collect things but I do collect people. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and your vision. If that doesn’t exist just yet for you, be your own people. Belief in yourself is key for everything. For you to be committed to something is one thing, but to believe in yourself is a totally different scenario. Here’s the difference: If you’re committed to something with no belief in yourself, you may have people along the way telling you that your dreams are too far fetched, that it is impossible or that they just don’t like it; That is where having belief comes in. If you’re committed to something with no belief, those outside voices may get the best of you. Keep going.

“Surround yourself with people who believe in you & your vision.”

Find what you’re passionate about

Find something that lights a fire in your soul. Do you love makeup? Are you passionate about living a healthy lifestyle? I am passionate about helping others which is why my company, Market America, is based off of empowering others to live the life they dream of by providing the “how”.

Just Start

Whether you need to sit down and start your first brainstorm, book a meeting or start a website, JUST START. You’ll thank yourself later. I am highlighting below some exciting opportunities of how you can get started on your entrepreneurial journey.

Interested in Makeup & Skincare? Get information on becoming a Motives Beauty Advisor (@motivescosmetics / @lumieredevie )

Interested in fashion or jewelry? Get information on becoming a Layered Stylist (@shoplayered)

Interested in health and nutrition? Get information on getting started with TLS (@tlsweightloss)

You provide the why, Market America provides the how with these incredible life-changing opportunities. If there’s anything at all that spoke to you in this article or if you have any questions, connect with each brand on social media and the teams will be happy to help!

Can’t wait to see you bloom. Follow me on Instagram for more content surrounding business, life, fashion & beauty!



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