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New Year, New Opportunities

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to do better for yourself, to get ahead, to transform your life, then this blog is for you. Make this the year of being intentional with all that you put your mind to and to determine what does and doesn’t serve your life.

If you’re into beauty, look into programs that will enrich your life and give you a community to support you like the Motives Pro Artist or Motives Beauty Advisor program. How will you level up your makeup artistry business or break into the industry? This is a great place to start.

Adore fashion or jewelry? My daughter Amber has a stunning line that gives you the opportunity to share a luxury brand with others while building a business for yourself by becoming a Layered Stylist. Find out more information here.

Is skincare your thing? Give value to others by helping them transform their skin through quality skincare with Lumiere de Vie by becoming a Skincare-focused Beauty Advisor. Find out more information here.

I want to also provide a few tools to help you get organized and to help set you up for success.


I find it helpful to see a week’s schedule at a glance. Whether digitally or using this printed worksheet, the weekly view format is effective to help spread all of your major tasks across the week instead of compiling a large to-do list that can, at times, become overwhelming. This printable sheet can act as an organizational guide for you to prioritize what tasks you will focus on each day. You can always roll over tasks to the next day if you didn’t quite get to them the day prior.


You have all these goals and ideas but how can you efficiently break them down into smaller actionable items? I created this goal planning worksheet because it’s so important to not only see the bigger picture but also to understand that there are smaller tasks that we need to attack one at a time in order to successfully execute a larger goal.

  1. Brain dump. The brain dump section of this sheet is for you to write it ALL down.  The idea is to get all your thoughts down on paper that way you can see everything in the works.
  2. Once you brain dump, choose 4 big goals you want to execute. Write those in the “goals” section.
  3. Now it’s time to break these goals down even further into actionable steps. List out 4 tasks that will help you reach that larger goal you previously wrote down.

Here’s an example:

  • Brain dump item: I want to grow my business this year.
  • Goal #1: Get 20 leads this month.
  • Actionable steps:
  • Compile an outreach list
  • Write an outreach template that I will use to introduce myself
  • Set time weekly to message 20 people from my list through social media or by email
  • Set up a time for follow ups

Now those 4 action items make the larger goal seem more attainable right?

Tip: You can print multiple of these sheets and use them for different areas of your life!


It’s important that among all of life’s busy tasks, we remember to care for ourselves. I created this fun self-care checklist for you to have as a reminder to incorporate more self-care into your routine this year. Recharging the mind and soul can really help you stay on track. 

I hope you enjoy these tools and find them helpful. I know you can and will work hard to accomplish your visions and goals this year. Stay focused and stay the course. You’ve got this.



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