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Loren’s VIP Beauty Lounge Recap

It felt so great to get together again during this special time of year at my VIP Beauty Lounge event! For those who missed out on the fun, I put together a recap of the night’s top tips & best moments.

We were joined by our Motives team to get a behind-the-scenes look at what inspired the new Motives Fall/Winter Sublime campaign and how you can use the collection to level up your look and mood for the holiday season.

It was lovely to hop on and connect with all of you to share a bit of inspiration as we enter a new season of our lives. To begin, we chatted about the importance of refocusing and setting goals from now to be on track for the new year. It was lovely to hop on and connect with all of you to share a bit of inspiration as we enter a new season of our lives. Let this session be your new kickoff for a fresh start to conquering 2022. If you are starting something new like becoming a Motives Beauty Advisor, getting a head start and preparing is crucial. I recommend you watch the session here to really get the impact of our message to you.

The Inspiration Behind the Sublime Collection

Motives Creative Consultant, Maria Checa, shared that the inspiration behind the campaign is truly a celebration of YOU. This season is all about bringing back the party in our lives and celebrating ourselves. The palette in the collection includes colors not only perfect for any celebration but also to be on-trend and in style. The Sublime collection goes perfectly with the mood and feeling of the season which is “The Party is Back!”.

Tips from the Team

One of Maria‘s top tips is to pair the rich green shade “Divine” from the Sublime Eye Shadow Palette with the Iridescent Luminizing Jelly to transform it into a stunning blue luminizing look.

Don’t Forget About the Brush Inside

The brush that comes inside the Sublime Eye Shadow Palette is so convenient and useful! Use the sponge side to control the application of shimmer or dark colors and the smooth rounded side to pat on the Luminizing Jellies or apply eye shadow on the lower lash line.

The Hand-Held Mixing Palette

In light of the pandemic, the team knew we all needed a tool that will allow us to continue to have fun with makeup in the most hygienic way possible. Then, the Hand-Held Mixing palette was born! It’s also a tool that makes us look that much more professional especially if you are a pro in the industry. During her demonstration, Leigh Raeder mixed together a bit of eye shadow with the Luminizing Jelly on the Hand-Held Mixing Palette to show us just how easy it is to use.

“It’s All About Self-Confidence”

If there’s one message we hope you took from this incredible session is that makeup is all about confidence and your personal style. We encourage you to go bold, rock what YOU want, and make it your own. The Sublime collection is a beautiful way towards taking a step towards the you you want to be.

Thank you for joining us for this fun VIP Beauty Lounge. We can’t wait to see you for more fun events in the near future.



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