We Kicked Off The #28DAYSOFSKIN Challenge at This VIP Beauty Lounge

We started off the year reintroducing our #28DaysofSkin Challenge. A challenge I use periodically to get my skincare in check! I am really good about doing my skincare routine every morning and night. However, now that it is winter, I want a boost towards my #skingoals. I need to be more consistent with using the LDV Super Créme for my dark spots and to help even out my tone. I will also be re-introducing the LDV Brightening C-Serum nightly, instead of just occasionally, as I know how much both will help my skin improve dramatically. Whether you are a skincare newbie or guru, join this journey with me! 

#28DaysofSkin Challenge

Did you know that your skin regenerates every 28 days? Did you know that it also takes 28 days to create a new habit?  This can be a jumpstart to a new YOU. Join us in our #28DAYSOFSKIN challenge and see how your skin will transform when you practice a regular skincare routine. This challenge isn’t just for you, this is a great opportunity to invite your community to join this challenge.

Join the Challenge

Start by taking our new and improved Custom Skin Quiz, or meet with your local beauty advisor. We are making this easy for you to find a perfectly curated list of products, just for you! 

Starting #28DAYSOFSKIN will motivate you to stay consistent in your routine and you’ll see real results. The second reason why I love this challenge is because sharing your journey will help connect with your community. The more you share the more you’ll connect with others. I’ve noticed many people sharing their posts on private profiles and groups. I strongly encourage you to share your posts on your public, personal profiles as well! The goal is to reach more people and the best way to do that is by using the official hashtag #28DAYSOFSKIN and posting a great photo on your feed. (Click here for tips on improving your #28DaysofSkin posts)

With consistency comes reward and you are going to love your results. And since you will be sharing your journey, you get to celebrate your results with our community and all your loved ones! You deserve it. Start the #28DaysofSkin Challenge today to start your 2022 the right way.



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