6 Ways to Beast Mode Your Productivity


Productivity is a necessary skill for every entrepreneur and business owner looking to achieve greatness. If you're not using your time efficiently, you won't accomplish all of your goals. As a business owner, you need to wear a lot of different hats from accountant to sales and recruiter to marketeer. Time will test you frequently, so today is the perfect opportunity to unearth the secrets to help you work smarter.

1. Create a Plan

Create a to-do list every evening before you wrap up for the day. Re-visit it in the morning, adding any additional tasks that need your attention. When you sign off the higher priority tasks, you'll feel more in control and feel motivated knowing you're slaying the day.

2. Take a Break

Overwhelm can leave you wondering where to start with so many things requiring your attention, resulting in you wasting time absently mindedly jumping from task to task without really completing any. When you feel the overwhelm scaries attacking, take a short break. Take a walk, do a quick workout, or make a brain-boosting snack. The act of taking a break will give you time to recharge and create a mental plan on how to tackle the rest of your day.

3. Use Every Minute Wisely

Get smaller tasks done while you Uber between meetings or errands. Whether you're next flying for business or pleasure, use your time on the plane to complete the rest of your tasks. The simple act of getting things done can hugely decrease stress and anxiety.

4. Prioritize

Some days it's impossible to get it all done. You are one person, and despite your best efforts, some days you can not do it all. Prioritize tasks to get the most important things done and schedule a time to work on less urgent projects tomorrow or even the day after. Use any unexpected time from canceled meetings or Uber journies in traffic jams to get ahead on your tasks.

5. Upgrade Your Playlist

Experts believe that classical music, in particular, can help focus our minds without distracting us. Other music genres make great background noise too. Check them all out here.

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