5 Ways Successful People Handle Difficult People

difficult people

You won't adore everyone your path crosses with in life; especially in the workplace. However, to become successful, it's essential to learn how to put personal differences aside and work with people you don't like.

5 Ways Successful People Handle Difficult People
1. Put personal feelings aside.

Accept that no one ever likes and get along with every person they meet. Whatever your reasons for disliking someone on your team, put those emotions to one side and focus on their strengths and employee and what they bring to the table. Once you shift your focus to their powers, you will find yourself being able to work with them far more efficiently.

2. Strengthen your mind.

Sometimes people are just toxic, and there's nothing you can do to change their personality. You can, however, strengthen your mind to a point where you no longer feel the need to engage with such behavior. Failure to react highlights the flaws of toxic people and only serves to show you are the bigger person. If your employee or colleague is always negative, for example, guide the conversation tactfully back to the finding solutions for the task in hand.

3. Be ready.

Always have some tactful responses ready before meetings with people you know provoke you to protect yourself against losing your temper in the moment.

4. Don't react.

Negativity loves company. Don't allow people you have complicated relationships with to drag you down to their level. Yes, they may be trying to provoke you, but giving them an emotional response is playing into their hands.

5. Communication can solve most problems.

When you feel like a working relationship is spiraling out of control, sit and have a conversation with them. Use non-accusatory and non-aggressive language in the form of "I" statements to avoid triggering an argument. Additionally, speaking with a senior equal or someone you trust on your team can support in brainstorming strategies to deal with difficult people. If someone is causing a lot of issues in the workplace with little positive input, it may be better for the organization that they are let go, so seek guidance and support from your HR team. Toxic energy can be contagious.

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