5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurial Go-Getters

Best Google Chrome Extensions

We can all save time, increase productivity and step up quality control with a few simple apps to make our lives easier. Take your business to the next level with these incredibly valuable Google Chrome extensions.

5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurial Go-Getters

Best Google Chrome Extensions


As a business owner, you’re doing a lot of correspondence and potentially some copywriting for your blog or website. Grammarly is the modern and better-functioning version of spell check. The tool will identify not only misspelled words, but provide suggestions for commonly overused words and phrases, find if you’re using multiple tenses in a piece, and so much more. You can add Grammarly to your phone and your laptop so that everything you write is proofread
before you send or post it. It’s a peace of mind gut-check to make sure you sound like the savvy entrepreneur you are.


Organize your notes and website clippings in one central place. This tool lets you clip articles (or the relevant parts of ones that you want to save and refer back to at a later date) and take notes and then store them in “notebooks.” Create a notebook for every element of your business and keep all of your tools organized in one place.

Toggl Button

This must-have Google Chrome extension starts a timer for every tool you use online and then tracks data on your time spent. This tool is a great way to check out your productivity, but also see where you might be wasting time, so you can adjust to maximize your time and energy and build a better, more efficient business.


CrankWheel is an easy-to-use screen-share tool. Neither you nor the person you’re trying to share your screen with has to download anything. It’s quick, easy, and effective.


Stay focused when you’re online but using the Forest extension. Don’t waste your time on Facebook or other distracting websites. The tool plans a digital seed that will grow into a tree for every 30 minutes that you don’t spend on a blacklisted site. If you visit any of the websites on your blacklist, however, the tree will be killed. Nothing like a little guilt trip to keep you focused!