3 Tips to Help Get Promoted

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Vying for a promotion is different than asking for a raise—although a raise should come along with that promotion. You might be surprised to hear that companies may be more willing to give a raise before they’d offer a promotion. Why? Maybe because they don’t feel like you’re ready to move up in the corporate ladder. So, how do you convince them otherwise? Here are three easy steps that will help you prepare for the next level.

Rack up the achievements

If you’re getting ready to ask for a promotion start making things happen! What have you generated for the company? What successful campaigns did you initiate? Think about that. If you haven’t done any yet, start. And if you have some achievements already start tracking them in a quantitative matter.

Toot your horn in the right direction

Although it’s important to lightly remind your manager of your accomplishments, you also want to remember to build a positive repute with your colleagues. Higher management can be too busy to notice your good behavior. So make sure your being a good colleague to those around you. When it’s time for promotions, you’ll be surprised who the boss will ask for an opinion. And just make sure you’re genuine about it.

Don’t be shy

Although being too abrasive is one reason why people don’t get promoted, you also don’t want to be too timid. Once a position opens up where you think you might be a good fit, let the hiring manager know that you’d like to be considered for the role. One simple meeting is enough. You don’t have to remind them every day! And then align yourself with that position. Start acting the part. But make sure your boss knows you’re trying to prove yourself. And be enthusiastic while you're doing it.