3 Reasons Why Your Website Conversion Rates Are Low

website conversion rates

If you have a fair amount of daily traffic to your website, but your visitors aren't sticking around or buying, you need to understand why. Read on to discover three common reasons why website conversion rates may be low.

3 Reasons Why Your Website Conversion Rates Are Low
1. You're not attracting the right visitors.

High traffic with low conversion rates implies that you may be attracting the wrong target market to your site who simply aren't interested in your products or services. Make sure your 2019 marketing strategy is updated to target the right audience.

2. Your website isn't user-friendly.

Consumers tend not to trust or buy from poorly designed websites that are slow and difficult to navigate. Adding a buyer guarantee and customer testimonials can help build trust in your business.

3. You don't have a clear CTA.

Your website needs to guide visitors through the buying process quickly and easily. A clear call to action helps close the sell.

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