10 Basics Every Blog Needs to Have


I have two blogs and have spent years writing and developing them into successful websites. A lot of my readers ask how I did it and I always think - go back to blog basics. Sometimes you get so caught up in the aesthetic or creative aspect of your blog that functionality plays second fiddle, making it difficult for you to retain readers! Once you settle on a clean, easy-on-the-eyes layout, implement these blog basics to cover all your bases. Check out my list of blog basics below and be sure to add your own ideas in the comments or tweet me @lorenridinger!



10 Basics Every Blog Needs to Have

1. Your logo + header

2. Navigation toolbar

3. Search bar. Make sure it's in an obvious spot!

4. Social media icons. Create cute icons that link off to your Twitter, Facebook and other online accounts associated with your blog

5. Personal photo

6. Commenting system. Keep it as simple as possible for your readers to interact with you!

7. About page

8. Social media sharing options at the top of each post. There are plug-ins for Like, Share, Tweet and Pin options you can use

9. Concise list of categories and tags for SEO. Create a list of categories and tags you want to use and stick to it, making your posts easier to find for both search engines and your readers.

10. Ad space (optional)

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