Beauty Tips

Upgrade Your At-Home Facial

Many of us are probably wearing less makeup these days but skincare is something we cannot neglect. We should be stepping up our skincare game so today I’m sharing a few enhancements to integrate to your current routine, plus my favorite oil! 

Create a spa in your bathroom

Start with setting an intention while lighting your favorite candle. I encourage you to only think positive thoughts and allow yourself to enjoy this time alone. 

WoodWick® Applewood 10 oz. Jar Candle, SHOP.COM, $19.99 

Give yourself a face massage

Have you ever used Gua Sha Tool or Jade Roller? These tools help with lymphatics drainage and de-puff areas with extra inflammation. 

Gracious Om Gua Sha 3-Piece Kit, SHOP.COM, $45.00

Integrate Oils

Oils are so rich and nourishing! I like to apply an oil before jumping into a hot shower for extra penetration and hydration. 

Lumière de Vie® Renewal Elixir, SHOP.COM, $40.00

I’d love to hear about your at-home facial routine! Share your beauty secrets below.