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The Best Game-Changing Skincare Tips of All Time

skincare tips

When your skin is breaking out or misbehaving in other tell-tale ways, it's time to put your beauty game face on and tame the beast that is problem skin. Read on to discover the best game-changing skincare tips of all time to show your skin who's boss.

1. Double cleansing is life.

I repeat all the time, how important it is to double cleanse at night. The first cleanse removes your makeup, while the second one purges pores of oil, dirt, pollution, and other trapped nasties. Double cleanse for two weeks, and you'll start seeing a difference.

2. Know your products.

You have to do your due diligence when it comes to trying new skincare products. Your beauty products need to work in harmony with your skin to deliver a youthful, glowy finish. Research the latest award-winning beauty brands for your skin type, and ask your friends for personal recommendations. Add an anti-blemish lotion to your daily skincare routine to help shrink pimples as soon as they appear.

3. Watch your diet.

Certain foods like cheese and snacks containing high volumes of processed sugar are known for helping cause breakouts. A dietician can help you identify your skin type or acne you may be suffering from. Keep a food diary so that you can track which foods may be antagonizing your skin woes.

4. Don't over-exfoliate.

It's normal to exfoliate 1-3 times per week depending on the season. If your skin is feeling tight, red, sensitive, and sore, limit exfoliation to once per week.

5. Tone it out!

A high-quality toner can help remove all final traces of makeup, dirt, and pore-blocking culprits. Pixi is a popular choice for acne-sufferers.

6. Hydration is everything!

When our skin breaks out, it can be tempting to let it 'dry out.' However, this is more damaging. Dryness triggers our skin to create more oil, which can worsen breakouts. Invest in a moisturizer and serum, which are designed for acne-prone skin.

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