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The 3 Game-Changing Summer Makeup Hacks

summer makeup

Warmer weather requires a whole different method to your usual makeup and skincare regime. If you plan to sweat on the beach this summer and still look on point, here are a few summer makeup hacks you'll want to get acquainted with now.

1. Keep it Simple

Few people can pull off a full face of melting makeup. Go for a natural look when you hit the beach. Invest in a few intelligent skincare essentials such as tinted SPF bronzer to give your face a gorgeous natural, even coverage glow while protecting your skin. Tinted SPF's are a great way to achieve flawless skin that perfectly showcases bright summer makeup trends.

2. Waterproof Everything

Mascara streaming down your face and lipstick smeared everywhere isn't a good look. Grab the summer's hottest shades of waterproof everything to keep your makeup going strong all day. Mascara, lip liner, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, bright eyeliner, and golden eye shadow hues and bronzers are the summer must-haves to achieve beach goddess status.

3. Tinted is Life

Tinted lip balm and sunscreen are life when it comes to achieving a lasting summertime fine look that takes you effortlessly from your daytime shopping trips to a chic beach day and early sunset dinner.

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