Beauty Tips

Spruce Up Your Makeup Kit

Maintaining a clean and sanitized makeup kit is so important! Whether you’re a makeup professional or not, there are easy ways to clean your kit throughout the year. When was the last time you cleaned your brushes? When was the last time you checked the expiration date on each of your products? Have you switched over to disposable applicators? If you haven’t done any of these things in the last six months you have some sprucing up to do.

#1 Clean Your Brushes

Although this is properly the most tedious tip, it’s also the most important. If you’re an artist you should definitely clean your brushes in between clients but if you’re not you can get away with cleaning your brushes once a month. If you recently had an acne breakout I suggest cleaning your brushes immediately. I love using a cleansing spray in between cleaning as well! If you need a new set of brushes to start fresh I recommend these.

This brush set contains eight of the best beauty tools of the trade. Each brush is specially designed with firm bristles for high-definition makeup application of face, eye and lip cosmetics.

  • Includes eight brushes for complete application of face, eye and lip cosmetics
  • Chic, black case with magnetic closures that keep brushes clean and organized
  • Brushes are composed of goat hair and synthetic fibers

#2 Switch To Disposable

This mainly applies to my makeup professionals! If you have the option to use disposable applicators this will also minimize the chance of cross contamination between clients.

#3 Don’t use your hand to mix product

Makeup professional or not, we can often leave bacteria on our hands if we aren’t careful. If you’re using your hand to mix colors and foundation you can put yourself at risk. I love these new makeup hand palette’s from my talented friend, Lina Zuniga.

The Makeup Hand Palette is perfect for makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts to wear while applying makeup on themselves or on their clients! This convenient palette is the perfect hands-free solution for mixing mixing liquid and cream products. This palette makes it easy to blend makeup and it is so easy to keep clean! A beauty must-have!

#4 Toss Your Expired Makeup

Yes, makeup expires! Some makeup only lasts up to 3 months and should be thrown away. Thankfully, Motives products feature expiration dates on the packaging. Restock your makeup here.

#5 Wipe down excess product or dirt

Do you have a massive drawer filled with hundreds of makeup products? I like to clean each product a few times a year to keep everything as clean as possible. I'm definitely guilty of accidentally breaking an eyeshadow palette and leaving the mess for "next time." You can easily clean the outside of each product using a moist towel or a makeup wipe.

Motives Makeup Remover Towelettes gently remove makeup, dirt, and oil in one easy step. 

I hope these tips were useful for all the makeup gurus out there! Share this post with your favorite makeup artist.