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Skin Purging: 4 Tell-Tale Signs

skin purging

Does your skin break out every time you switch up your seasonal skincare routine or try an entirely new skincare line? It's called skin purging, and it's not the same as hormonal acne breakouts.

1. Your Skin's Breaking Out All Over Your Face

Skin purging tends to happen in response to a new product or ingredient, and usually takes the form of a mass breakout all over your face. Skin purging pimples depend on your skin type but are generally a mass of bumps underneath your skin or visible whiteheads. The most common skin purging culprits are retinoids, chemical peels, and salicylic acids.

2. You Never Usually Wake Up Like This

Hormonal breakouts usually congregate in one localized area. Monthly cycles, stress, and junk food diets are generally the cause of breakouts.

3. You Recently Had a Treatment

Sometimes your skin has to get worse before it can look better. Believe it or not, steaming your face and professional facials are well-known causes of purging too.

4. Your Breakout's Lasted More Than a Week

Purging can last anywhere from two to six weeks. If it continues longer than eight weeks, it's a good idea to book a consultation with a dermatologist to get your skin back on track.

Why Though?

Every time you change skin care products, your skin needs to purge and readjust to the new ingredients.