Beauty Tips

Self-Care at Home

We all need a virtual hug and a pick-me-up! Thankfully, you can bring a piece of joy into your home by starting a self-care routine. Pick the tips that work for you and start implementing them into your weekly routine. Remember you cannot spread love without loving yourself first!

Tip #1: Listen to a positive playlist the moment you wake up

Spotify has great playlist already curated for you including Happy Hits and Daily Lift

Tip #2: Watch your favorite childhood movie, wedding video or family home videos

This is a great opportunity to reflect on some of your most memorable moments and appreciate what matters most — family. Here is one of my favorite videos!

Tip #3: Stay active

Last week I shared that I was still working out virtually with my trainer and I’m so glad I made that decision. Working out is my reset button physically and emotionally. 

Tip #4: Take a bath

Bring out the candles, bath bombs and a glass of your favorite drink!

Tip #5: Put on makeup 

I swear getting dolled up does something to us girls. Find a makeup tutorial from your favorite beauty influencer and have some fun with it! We just launched our new Spring collection and I can’t wait to see what looks you all come up with!

Tip #6: Put away your phone

This one can be especially hard if you’re an entrepreneur but I promise it’s doable. Carve out an hour from your day or an hour before you go to bed to disconnect from social media. 

Share a tip below that has been a life changing for you!