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Makeup Hacks: How to Fake Bigger Eyes

bigger eyes

If you're trying a whole new makeup look complete with faking bigger eyes that pop, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make your eyes appear larger.

1. Ice Ice Baby!

Puffy undereye circles can make your eyes appear smaller. If you own a gel eye mask, stick it in the freezer for at least 15 minutes and relax for ten minutes Large ice cubes wrapped in kitchen towel placed under each eye work just as effectively.

2. Conceal!

Apply small dots of hydrating concealer around your eyes and blend with a clean foundation brush. Dab on some translucent powder to prevent your concealer from enhancing any undereye wrinkles for a flawless finish. Use a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone with a pink hue to open the eyes and hide dark circles.

3. Get Your Brows On Fleek

If you're not ready to commit to microblading, there's an alternative option to fake the perfect brows. Use a powder a couple of shades lighter than your natural brow color and lightly swipe across your brows to elongate them until you could draw a diagonal line between the end of your eyebrows and the outer corner of your eyes. This quick trick opens the eyes and draws attention to your peepholes.

4. Get Your Curl On

Curl your lashes before and after applying mascara. For extra oomph, add fake lashes.

5. Highlighter is Life!

Use a pearly highlighter under each brow arch and at the inner corners of each eye to make your eyes pop instantly.

6. Liner Time

It's best to avoid dark pencils if you have small eyes. Use a white or nude eyeliner on the inside of the eye to make your eyes appear instantly bigger.

7. Cat Eye Hack

Start your cat eye with your liner of choice one-quarter of the way into the lid to open up the eyes.

What other makeup tricks have you discovered to fake bigger eyes? Tweet me @lorenridinger.