Beauty Tips

Loren's VIP Beauty Lounge - The Perfect Pout

The new lip products from Motives have been a huge hit since we launched in the last few weeks. On Monday, my girls hosted a VIP Beauty Lounge Session demoing the new lip formulas! Jackie and the panelist shared amazing tips to achieve the perfect pout. Missed the LIVE? Watch the replay now and join us next week as we dive into our new Astaxanthin products from Lumiere De Vie!


  1. Lip liner is essential to help us balance our lips. Whether you want to plump or just accentuate your natural shape, it makes the lipstick, liquid lipstick or lip glaze easier.
  2. Always sharpen your lip liner. Shop sharpener HERE.
  3. First, exfoliate your lips - Honey + Sugar, Favorite lip scrub and then you're ready to start!
  4. Small lips? Make sure your lip liner is sharpened to fill that shape and to line your lips properly.
  5. Use a q-tip to remove lipstick from inner lips and teeth.