Beauty Tips

How to Fake Fuller Lips Without Injections

If you're longing to achieve the gorgeous fuller lips look without committing to injections, there are a few tricks you can add to your daily makeup routine. There's been hushed online talk about the benefits of using an electric lip plumping device, but these are yet to be clinically proven to work.

1. Exfoliation

Buff away dead skin cells to reveal silky, soft lips.

2. Hydrate

Use a non-oily lip balm to hydrate lips and create the perfect canvas for your fuller mouth look. I swear by the Motives® Hydrating Lip Balm for instantly soft, kissable lips.

3. Highlight

Use a shimmery highlighter from your contour kit above your cupid's bow to enhance your mouth.

4. Liner

Choose a lip liner resembling your natural lip color for a natural look, or pick a liner adjacent to the shade of lipstick you're rocking today. Sharpen your liner for easier control of the pencil. Trace the natural lip line directly outside of the perimeter of your mouth to create fuller lips. Retrace the center lip lines only repeatedly. Don't retrace the outer corners of your mouth, or you'll create an unflattering finish. Fill in your lips with your liner-in-crime or sweep on your chosen collagen-infused lipstick.

5. Gloss

Add lip-plumping gloss in the center only of your upper and lower lip to create the illusion of fuller lips. My absolute favorite color I wear nearly ever day is Daddy's Girl by Motives® Maven Mattes.

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