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All Eyes On These Products

Recently, I’ve been upping my skincare regimen and beauty routine when it comes to the eyes. More attention is drawn to that area with the new mask mandate across most cities! With so much exposure to the face, I find it essential to protect the delicate area. Amber’s skincare line, Lumière de Vie® has amazing luxury products for less making it so simple to keep your skin looking flawless.

Lumière de Vie® Eye Balm

This product feels like silk on your face, nourishing, conditioning and hydrating the eye area. This soothing product reduces the appearance of fine lines and enlarged pores by firming the skin. It also comes with a small tool to aid in application and to promote circulation.

LOREN’S TIP: Apply a little bit of the Lumière De Vie Eye Balm to your lips in the evening for an added benefit! 


Lumière de Vie® Rose Quartz Roller

I love using a rose quartz roller after applying the eye balm to penetrate the product more into your face. This tool also reduces the appearance of puffiness and signs of aging. 

LOREN’S TIP: Keep it in the fridge for a cooling effect with every use!

Ladies, make sure your man is taking care of their skin as well and create a kit with these amazing products from Lumière De Vie Hommes!

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