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6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Beauty Game

beauty game

In addition to our favorite cosmetics, we love to try new products. Add on any facial treatments we enjoy splurging on each month and the latest must-have makeup essentials, beauty can be an expensive business. Read on to discover six skincare rituals which seriously boost your beauty game.

6 Easy Ways to Boost Your Beauty Game

beauty game

#1. Double cleanse.

The first evening cleanse removes pollution and makeup. The second cleanse goes deeper to remove excess dirt, sweat, and oil.

#2. Exercise.

Regular exercise increases your blood circulation, helping expose a dewy glow as your skin purges itself of toxins.

#3. Lemon water.

Drink a warm cup of water infused with fresh lemon every morning to detoxify your skin and body from the inside out.

#4. Steam your face.

Once a week, steam your face to open pores and clear out any remaining nasties that could cause blockages and breakouts.

#5. Drink green.

Green juices are packed with vitamins and nutrients that flood the bloodstream with more oxygen to help achieve clear skin.

#6. Polish your face.

Exfoliate 2-3 times per week to gently buff away dead, dull skin cells to reveal new, brighter skin underneath.