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4 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Ditch Your Moisturizer


A multi-beneficial moisturizer tailored to your skin type is your BFF when it comes to complexion perfection. An incompatible moisturizer, however, can cause severe distress to your skin. Look out for the tell-tale signs below that you need to ditch your current cream.

4 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Ditch Your Moisturizer
#1. Your skin is dry and unhappy.

If you apply your cream twice daily or more but are still suffering from dry and flaky skin, it's a sign that your moisturizer is not giving your skin the adequate hydration it requires, or properly repairing your skin's barrier. The most popular barrier-repairing creams include shea butter, jojoba oil sand evening primrose oil.

2. Your skin feels tight and uncomfortable.

Tight skin is a warning sign that your skin's barrier is damaged and is screaming out for some TLC. Ditch the retinol and exfoliator and invest in some indulgent skincare products tailored to your skin type to deeply nourish and protect your skin against the elements.

3. Your skin keeps breaking out.

Acne-prone skin needs a little tender loving care too. Drying products with inadequate hydration can cause chaos to your skin - particularly if you have sensitive skin. Go for products that repair the skin's barrier as well as eliminate sebum and blocked pores.

4. Your skin is oily.

If your skin still feels oily an hour after applying your moisturizer, it may be too heavy for your skin type. Find a gel or water-based product that caters to oily skin.

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