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4 Reasons Why Your Cleanser Isn't Working


Your cleansing ritual plays a pivotal role in achieving gorgeous, glowing skin. Our city lifestyles cause a build-up of toxins, dirt, and pollution to infiltrate our pores in addition to the makeup we wear. If we're not cleansing effectively, all of our other skincare efforts are futile. Read on to discover the top reasons why your cleanser isn't working.

1. You're not washing your hands before touching your face.

Washing your hands before you cleanse helps prevent additional dirt and bacteria being transferred to your face. The same applies if you use a washcloth to wash and dry

2. You're not using the right cleanser for your skin type.

All of our skin types react differently to the same products. If your skin is greasy and acne-prone, for example, the wrong oil cleanser can provoke further breakouts. There is no size fits all when it comes to skincare. It took me years to find a facewash that works for my skin with the right balance of powerful pore purging cleansing and deep hydration. You may find it more cost effective to book a consultation with a dermatologist to help narrow down your search as trying multiple beauty products builds up financially.

3. You're using raw or natural oils.

The natural beauty empire has hyped the use of natural oils, but they can contain preservatives that are good to your insides but not so great for your skin. Effective skincare requires emulsifiers to ensure you can rinse the products off your face. Raw and natural oils can leave behind a thin film of oil that theoretically suffocates skin while further clogging pores and causing breakouts.

4. You're not cleansing properly.

Cleansers need some time spent massaging the product properly into the skin to remove sweat, dirt, and debris effectively. You should be double cleansing religiously every night to remove every trace of makeup, dirt, debris, sweat, and pollution to leave pores squeaky clean and help eliminate clogged pore breakouts.