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Male Grooming: The Evolution of Men's Skincare

male grooming

By 2020, the male grooming industry is projected to reach sales close to $61 billion worldwide. That’s an increase of almost $43 billion in five years. To top it all off, toiletries (bath, shower, deodorant, skin, and hair products) will outpace the more traditional male grooming offerings of fragrances and shaving products. The unprecedented rise of male grooming has led to a massive shift in the beauty industry. Keep reading to find out how men are carving out space in a traditionally female-dominated industry.

Male Grooming: The Evolution of Men's Skincare

male grooming

Retailers Are Redesigning Their In-Store Shopping Experiences to Meet Male Consumer Needs. About 80% of male grooming products are sold in-store at brick-and-mortar locations. Taking it one step further, some retailers have added male grooming services to enhance their overall customer experience.

Beauty Brands Are Launching Male Product Lines. Many of the big-name beauty companies have had men’s lines for a few years but are now investing money into promoting their products in a way they never had before. Kiehl’s, owned by beauty magnate L’Oréal, has had a men’s like for years. My amazing daughter, Amber, just added a bespoke men’s skincare line to her LDV brand, Lumière de Vie® Hommes.

Startups Are Making a Play for a Piece of the Billion-Dollar Pie. Monthly membership and subscription companies like Dollar Shave Club and The Man Company are launching affordable and convenient (new products delivered to your door on a regular basis) product lines that are Millennial-friendly.

Social Media and Celebrities Have Big Impact When It Comes to Cultivating the Male Grooming Space. From David Beckham to Adam Gallagher to Manny Gutierrez, the male grooming space is booming with celebrities, influencers, and beauty gurus as the faces of brands, content creators, and product users and reviewers.

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