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Achieve Financial Freedom with Motives Cosmetics

financial freedom

Thousands of male and female Beauty Advisors have created their own economy and achieved financial freedom with Motives Cosmetics. If they can do it, so can you! Every product we produce for Motives Cosmetics is formulated with innovative ingredients for every person and budget - this is why we're known as being leading beauty pioneers! 

Why join Motives Cosmetics?

Our team provides you with everything you need to achieve entrepreneurial success. Check out this inspirational video below, followed by a number of testimonials from real Motives Cosmetics Beauty Advisors. 

Testimonial 1

"Motives® has created so much more for me than just a makeup line. Once a MAC Cosmetics Artist, now an entrepreneur. Motives has created tremendous value in my already existing business and personal life. I am a makeup artist and CEO of Flawless Makeup & Beauty Lounge.

I love being able to offer a high-quality makeup and skincare line to my clients without having them running to the mall, which is terrible customer service. The best part is I earn all the profits! Motives has created a whole new realm of opportunities, financial freedom being one! It's not just a makeup line, it's a powerful gift. Surrounding myself with positive, inspiring entrepreneurs is the key to success. The sky is the limit! I am honored and blessed to be a part of this amazing platform and journey with the rest of my Motives family!" - Kristina Makris, Wakefield, Mass.

Testimonial 2

"As an industry professional and salon owner, I was always searching for amazing products and services to offer my clients. I am so fortunate that I stumbled across Motives® cosmetics, because not only did I find the best quality products, but I also discovered how powerful the business plan is.

When my body had enough of working long hours behind the chair, I was able to walk away and focus on my health, family and passions because of the ongoing income I had created with the amazing compensation plan. It gave me my time back!! I am so passionate about the beauty industry and empowering others, and now I am not just limited to doing it through hair and makeup — I also have the tools, training and system to turn anyone into an entrepreneur across any of our divisions. It gives me the ability to help anyone achieve their goals and dreams, and that is truly powerful." - Leigh Raeder, Plymouth, Wisconsin 

Testimonial 3

"Motives has allowed me to stay home as a full time mom to my 3 boys. Before Motives, I didn't spend quality time with my kids due to overwhelming responsibilities I had as a teacher... now I am homeschooling my kids and working my motives business on a part time basis." - Mayra Orozco, Riverside, California