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The Summer Skincare Worth Investing in at Any Age

summer skincare

Did you know it's the first official day of summer 2019 tomorrow? Hello, warm glowy days and serious vacay vibes! Summer requires a whole new level of skincare to tackle dehydrated skin and repair sun damage. Read on to discover the ultimate summer skincare essentials worth investing in at any age.

1. Cleanse, Tone & Rejuvenate

Rinse away impurities while reducing the appearance of rough, dry skin and boosting collagen production for hydrated, happy skin.

Lumière de Vie® Skincare Value Kit, $125.

2. Beauty on the Go

Wherever you're wandering to this summer, this intelligent all-in-one waterless cleanser is the ultimate summer travel companion. Perfect for long haul flights and exotic adventures.

Lumière de Vie® Micellar Cleanser, $45.

3. Needle-Free Age Rewind

A gentle needle-free age-defying miracle product for all ages to help banish wrinkles.

Lumière de Vie® Needle-Free Serum, $99.95.

4. Rehydrate

Rehydrate parched summer skin while reducing oxidative damage from the elements for instantly rejuvenated skin.

Lumière de Vie® Moisture Intense Facial Masque, $59.95.

5. Upgrade Your Secret Beauty Weapons

Dehydration leaves fine lines and wrinkles more profound. Spritz away the years to complete your dreamy summer nights' makeup looks with this skin superhero.

Motives® 10 Years Younger Makeup Setting Spray, $29.95.

6. Renew

Hydrate, strengthen and smooth for renewed and resilient skin. Texture and elasticity are supported, and the appearance of dark spots minimized.

Lumière de Vie® Renewal Elixir, $40.

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