You Are So Strong: All the Reasons Why, strength, strong, so strong, strong women

You Are So Strong: All the Reasons Why

As women we tend to be incredibly hard on ourselves. What's the deal, ladies? Why do we consider ourselves weak when we're incredibly strong? We make entire generations of people and yet we still berate and criticize ourselves. Enough is enough. I'm here to stand by you and remind you…

Happy Birthday, Ayva!

Ayva!! I cannot believe my beautiful baby girl is four today. Where does the time go? ! You bring the sunshine with you wherever you go, and you bring so much joy into our lives every single day. You are such a big miracle in such a little girl, but…
Reduce Stress with One Thought, stress, one thought, stressful, significant other

Reduce Stress with One Thought

Being in a healthy relationship can bring you so much joy and happiness. I know firsthand! Being with the one you love can help you overcome moments of difficulty, illness, and stress. Recent studies have found that those in romantic relationships have to do one thing in order to release…
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