3 Hiring a Personal Trainer Benefits

I have got to tell you about the reasons for hiring a personal trainer!  Have you ever had the chance to exercise with a personal trainer?  My personal trainer is one of my favorite people because I know he's going to push me harder and give me a butt-kicking workout!  Even…

Social Media Search Tools You Haven't Tried Yet

It’s pretty incredible how new social media platforms and ideas are developing so quickly.  Keeping up with the changes and new additions is nearly impossible, and I bet there are a few social media search tools you haven’t tried yet.  I use social media search tools when building my business and…

What's Your Sign?

What's your sign? ;)  Check out the six best horoscope websites out here right now.  They say its all in the cards.  Perhaps that's true.  Are you a person that checks your  zodiac forecast to see how your day will go?  Do you have the Twitter app that tweets your horoscope…
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