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PRESS: Motives® Featured in BuzzFeed

November 12th, 2016

I’m very proud to share that Motives® was recently featured in BuzzFeed. Reviewer Essence Gant had a chance to take the Motives® Maven Liquid Mattes for a spin and the results are clear. Her before and after photo clearly shows the incredible staying power of these matte lip colors, even after some pretty extreme circumstances. We already know how great they are. But you can take her words (and pictures) for it. Read on for the details.

Motives Cosmetics Featured in BuzzFeed Review

PRESS: Motives® Featured in BuzzFeed

As shown in the picture above, Essence Gant reviewed Motives® Maven Liquid Mattes for feel, style, color, and durability. She wore Mocktail to a recent dentist appointment and was shocked at the results. Here’s an excerpt from her review:

“I applied my Motives liquid matte (I’m wearing the color Mocktail) and an hour later I ate lunch, which consisted of a chicken breast and a half (stop judging me), yellow rice, salad with oil dressing, and there was also quite a bit of hot sauce drizzled over my food. Through all of that — even the sauce and olive oil dressing — my lipstick was still intact. THEN, I went to a dentist appointment about an hour later and got an exam and teeth cleaning. My dentist did the full shebang, scraping my teeth with that metal pick thing and polishing them with that blue stuff that tastes good but is also kinda gross. Lipstick STILL. ON. POINT! Even my dentist and his assistant were like, “Daaang! That’s some goooood lipstick! So if your lips for whatever reason don’t hold lip color, or you just want something that can carry you through a night of clubbing and a tornado, I def recommend it.”

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