Establishing A Creative Environment For Your Business

 These are some great tips I found on my husband's Jr blog on establishing a creative environment for your business. The articles shares ideas and the how to set up your business atmosphere for your creativity to flourish. JR advises one of the ways to do being an effective leader who inspires others and leads by example. Below are some are a few ideas to establish your creative environment for your business to read the entire article click here.

  • Encourage accountability over responsibility.
  • Get ordinary people to reach beyond themselves and do extraordinary things than can be a result of establishing a nurturing creative environment. To establish this type of atmosphere requires the reconciliation of traditional corporate attitude with more entrepreneurial attitudes. If this fine line can be traversed without abandoning the very characteristics that have led to a company's success in the past, much progress can be made.
  • Don't give people goals, give them directions.
  • Build a textured environment to extend not just people's aspirations but their sensibilities " You can't buy creativity, you can inspire it."