4 Tips On How To Attract Investors By Blogging

More and more small companies are now using social media like Twitter, Facebook, and blogging pages to attract potential investors and raise funding for their companies.  Experts say investors often look to blogs for level of depth that can't be found on Twitter or Facebook.  An entrepreneur's regular contribution to their company's blog even their own personal blog gives investors a look behind the brand.  Aside from personality, investors are looking to see that entrepreneurs use the power of their blog wisely.

3 Ways To Think Like An Entrepreneur lists 4 tips on how to attract investors using social media and blogging.

Turning Knowledge Into Power

1. Be transparent.  A thoughtful company blog may be one way to get attention.  Investors like to see companies that champion transparency.  Use posting as a way to help other company founders understand what funding round looks like from the inside.

2. Use press to get press.  Investors will always be more interested in what a reputable publication says about a company than what that company says about itself, but there are certainly ways to use your blog as a vehicle for such press.  Once your blog is established and it has generated a following, think of your bloggers as expert voices.  A company blog should also be a place where investors can see any other press about the company.

3. Strategize the content.  Venture capitalists say that they look at all the standard data when considering an investment, but treat blogs a little differently.  If a company has a blog, he'll look at it to get a fuller picture of what the company and the founder is like, and though blogging is often thought of as an informal medium, Williams standards are no less exacting.

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