28 Days of Skin

Andrew Weissman's Skincare Routine

Today I have the pleasure of revealing one of the most impressive skincare routines I've seen, especially for a man! For some odd reason men believe they don't need to take care of their skin as much as woman do. Taking care of your skin isn't just about promoting beauty or reducing the appearance of aging. Everyone should invest in protecting their skin from strong UV rays, harsh chemicals and more. I'm excited to share an amazing list of skincare products used by one of my good friends and VP of Market America, Andrew Weissman!

Andrew's Skincare Products

Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Shave Cream 

Timeless Prescription Advanced Hydroxy Face Peel & Neutralizer: SHOP HERE Great for removing dead skin cells

Pentaxyl: SHOP HERE Reduces fine lines

Lumiere De Vie Hommes Value Kit: SHOP HERE Great kit to get started

Ice Roller: SHOP HERE Soothes and de-puffs skin

Tiger's Eye Roller: SHOP HERE Elevate your routine with this tool

Firming Eye Serum: SHOP HERE Reduces dark circles under eyes

Brightening C-Serum: SHOP HERE Promotes a youthful complexion

Renewal Elixir: SHOP HERE Improves elasticity

Volcanic Exfoliating Mask: SHOP HERE Detoxifies and enhances glow

Moisture Intense Facial Masque: SHOP HERE Reduces oxidative damage

Needle-Free Serum: SHOP HERE Instant lift without the needles

Facial Cleanser: SHOP HERE Leaves skin feeling refreshed

Toner: SHOP HERE Supports radiant complexion

Super Creme: SHOP HERE A best-seller

Intensive Hand & Body Creme: SHOP HERE Great for the whole body

Daily Brightening Broad Spectrum SPF 50: SHOP HERE Protection against UVA ad UVB exposure

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