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The History Behind Queen Elizabeth’s Brooch At The 2012 London Olympics Opening

July 31st, 2012

Obsessed with vintage jewelry, stones and the history behind them, there was no doubt that Queen’s diamond brooch caught my attention while watching the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony. A few days later and a little bit of jewelry research, I came across the history behind the Queen’s amazing brooch that she wore during her James Bond scripted film entrance 007 style with British actor Daniel Craig.

The History Behind Queen Elizabeth’s Brooch At The 2012 London Olympics Opening 


Also known as the Queen Adelaide’s Brooch, the wife of William IV, the gorgeous jewel was created in 1830 or 1831 and consists of six large sparkling cut diamonds with several smaller stones. The gems came from a diamond badge of the order of the Bath that had belonged to William IV’s father, King George III in where Queen Victoria wore this brooch and left it to the crown in 1901. Queen Adelaide usually wore it as a centerpiece, as she usually did with most brooches and in 1901 portrait she is pictured with the brooch pinned at her waist, while Queen Mary – who was a firm supporter of the philosophy “there can never be enough diamonds on a lady” usually added a large oval diamond drop to the brooch.

In 1937 Queen Elizabeth (The queen’s mother) loved this piece so much and dedicated to wear the brooch to her coronation ceremony. So much history to a one of a kind timeless beautiful piece, this is why collecting vintage jewelry is one of my favorite hobbies and passions of all time.


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