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Top 5 Beauty Tips For Fall 2012

November 5th, 2012

Guest Blogger:  Marcela de Vivo |

Taking care of your skin and hair in the summer is pretty easy – wash, moisturize and go. But when fall rolls around, you may need to put in a bit more work, especially when it comes to keeping your hair healthy.

Top 5 Beauty Tips For Fall 2012


  • Switch Shampoo

Shampoos made to deep clean and keep your hair from getting too frizzy because of humidity are ideal for summer, but they don’t really have a place when it comes to having healthy hair in the fall and winter months. Instead, switch to a hydrating shampoo that will keep your hair looking thick and shiny, even if you spend a lot of time in the cold air with your hair under a cap or hat. Using a serum to keep your hair hydrated is a good idea, but using them too much will weigh your hair down, so limit your use to about once per week.

  • Always Dry Your Hair

Leaving the house with wet, damp hair in the cool fall and winter months is pretty much the worst thing you can do for your hair. Subjecting your damp, wet hair to cool temperatures will leave your hair susceptible to breakages and split ends. If you absolutely must run out of the house with wet hair, wrap a scarf around your head to protect your hair. It may not be the look you were going for, but it’s better than broken strands of hair and split ends all over the place!  If your hair is losing vitality, you may want to consider using Vitamins for hair growth.

  • Toss the Lotion

That regular lotion you use all over your body might be just what your skin needs to stay supple in the hot summer weather, but when fall rolls around, it just won’t cut it anymore. Toss the drugstore lotion and stock up on some heavy-duty hydrating moisturizer, at least for your hands, legs and feet. If you already have a moisturizer that you like for your face, you can stick with that, but you might want to consider using a night cream or serum for extra moisturizer two or three times per week, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors.  Here are 3 great moisturizers for the fall.

  • Pick a Wax-Based Lip Balm

You probably keep lip balm in your bag with you all the time or have a lip gloss or color with moisturizing ingredient, but that may not be enough to keep your lips from becoming chapped and cracked from the fall air. Look for a lip balm that contains beeswax to put a protective barrier between your lips and the elements. If you want to use lip color or lip gloss, put that on over your wax-based lip balm to keep your lips healthy. For the best results, apply a wax-based lip balm right before you get in bed as well, that way your lips will have time to absorb the moisture while you sleep.  Burt’s Bees makes an excellent beeswax lip balm.

  • Moisturizing Protein Treatment

Use a topical moisturizing treatment that contains protein to help promote hair growth and keep your hair shiny, healthy and bouncy. A topical moisturizing protein treatment doesn’t need to be used too often – in fact, many women may be able to get away with a single at-home treatment at the beginning of fall in order to maintain keep their hair looking as healthy as possible throughout the cold season. If you have particularly dry hair, you might want to have another treatment about halfway through winter.

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